Keyword Research: Why It Matters

To craft an effective SEO Strategy, many things need to happen. One of the most important components is keyword strategy. A keyword strategy is a strategy that leverages the highest performing keywords for use in SEM. Keyword research can lay the foundation for a market analysis, competitor analysis, and can help drive strategy across SEO and PPC.

Now, this might sound like a no-brainer. Most companies pay no attention to the keywords they are currently ranking for. Even less attention to the keywords that are “being left on the table”.

Google Search Console

One of the first things we look at here at Ernst Media is the current keyword landscape of any website we begin to work with. This is an essential first step in developing a solid keyword strategy. This first look analyzes the keywords that the website is currently ranking for and the position the keywords are currently in. This gives us a good indication of where time and effort should be spent. We do this by setting up and configuring Google Search Console, Google's free tool to give webmasters the insights they need to help them properly format their site for maximum indelibility in the Google search results pages. This can be especially useful if you're planning on PPC advertising with various PPC Platforms.

Keyword rankings are relative to a single web page, and a single location search. In other words, this allows us to assign a value to each keyword. Some keywords are are more competitive than others. This is because they are commonly used in searches for a specific product or service. Other keywords however, might be a little more obscure, which is to say they have less search volume, though there may be fewer people ranking for that keyword, increasing a company's ability to rank for that keyword on the first page of the search engines results page. Once you have identified keywords, you can validate them by reviewing the corresponding analytics data. This is the single most important measure of performance.

A similar method can be performed with display ad campaigns, too!

Measure Everything

A few of our favorite tools to measure this are Moz and SEM Rush.

This blended approach ensures high visibility by utilizing high-value, less competitive keywords. These keywords are still able to drive quality traffic to the website. Keep an eye on conversions rates, and optimize if necessary.

The SEO services we deliver typically includes a game plan showing how we’ll focus on increasing the volume of keywords ranking in say, positions 1-10, as well as increasing the total number of keywords that are ranking overall.

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